Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technical Assistance Program (UASTAP)


RRG provides technical assistance to support integration of UAS in public safety and other civil applications.




UASTAP provides technical assistance to enhance safe and cost-effective integration of UAS technologies in service to Federal, State, local, emergency responders, public safety officials,  and private sector critical infrastructure/key resource owners and operators .



 Purpose of the UASTAP


  • Enhance public safety capabilities with regard to protection, prevention, response, recovery and mitigation of all hazards and threats by harnessing the full capabilities of UAS technologies.


  • Improve capability to adapt and exploit UAS capabilities with collaborating partners they need whenever and wherever required (e.g., leveraging standards and interoperability).


  • Leverage existing Federal, State and local on-going efforts whenever possible (best practices).


  • Provide end-to-end planning, system design, implementation and follow-up technical assistance (system lifecycle support based on planning, training and comprehensive technical assistance).

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