Readiness Resource Group Incorporated (RRG) is a veteran-owned small business providing professional services in homeland security, critical infrastructure protection, and advanced technologies integration.  RRG provides an agile scientific, engineering and operational professional staff capable of supporting research, development, test, and evaluation programs with a depth of experience in public safety, emergency management and infrastructure resilience missions.


RRG was founded in 2007 with corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Our personnel support program work in over 25 States including the National Capital Region. We execute programs in planning, training and exercises; test and evaluation of technologies for emergency responders; studies and analyses for CBRNE response and homeland defense readiness; assessments and technology integration for preparedness and prevention mission


support; and we develop and integrate special technologies.


Collaborating with the U.S. inventors of magnetic levitation (maglev) technologies, RRG is working to advance implementation of these disruptive technologies for surface transport, grid-scale energy storage, and national security applications.   RRG is pursuing RDT&E of maglev systems for space launch, hypersonic and suborbital prompt global strike, and pulsed energy storage for directed energy systems.  We are providing cybersecurity, physical security and operational security expertise for priority electricity subsector grid security and resilience programs.


Our core mission is to provide technical assistance to enhance commercial infrastructure protection and national preparedness with emphasis on critical  infrastructure owners/operators and the commercial


facilities sector. From the National Exercise Program to the National Communications System, RRG has supported the mission of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). From the Nevada National Security Site to the National Labs, RRG provides scientific, engineering, technical and operational expertise for mission assurance.


We have developed successful training and training technologies for regional fusion centers, developed emergency response plans for municipalities, counties and critical infrastructure partners, and we support test and evaluation programs for emergency responder equipment and technologies, including public safety unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technical assistance.

Infrastructure Security & Resilience

Preparedness & Protection

Superconducting Maglev for Defense, Energy & Transportation

RRG supports critical infrastructure protection in the areas of physical, operational and cybersecurity.  We develop threat assessments, vulnerability assessments, and design risk management strategies that enhance security countermeasures and emergency response capabilities for both government and commercial clients.


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RRG subject matter experts support emergency operational planning, training, exercise design and conduct, and have deep experience in all public safety disciplines.  We have extensive past performance in emergency management, law enforcement and fusion centers, CBRNE response operations, active shooter response and readiness, and advanced technologies test and evaluation.


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RRG is a partner in program development with the U.S. inventors of superconducting magnetic levitation (Maglev) technologies for surface transportation (freight), grid-scale energy storage, national security applications, and space launch systems.  This is among some of the most advanced technology transitioning to operational use today for transportation, energy and defense missions.


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